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Fracture Guide For Patients -  Things You Must Know About Fractures  and Their Management

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Fracture Guide -  Things You Must Know About Fractures  and Their Management

When someone gets injured, the patient and relatives are often urgently looking for more information.

During my practice as orthopedic surgeon and running this website, I found a common thing that people wanted to know after the injury.

Know the details of injury and predicatable outcome.

Is it serious! Is the treatment right!

Not only this, they wish to crosscheck whether they have got the right advice, sometimes they are anxious and uncertain while they are waiting for their appointment and few times they are looking for assurance that if they on right track.

Well! I believe that the right knowledge can enable and strengthen enough to judge the things in a learned and impartial manner.

But if you do not know, you feel helpless and stuck in darkness.

Know about Injury

It is good to know things.

When you know, you can make better decisions and create better path either for yourself or the ones you care.

The first step is to know.

Fracture Care Guide for Patients is for the people who wish to know more about injuries, fractures, why fractures occur and how treatment decisions are made in the treatment of fractures or associated injuries

The book is written with a person who does not have any medical knowledge. The book starts with basics and then builds on that till the treatment of the fractures.

Here is the glimpse  of chapters

  1. An Overview of a Patient with Injury
  2. What is a fracture?
  3. Immediate care after injury
  4. Normal anatomy of bone
  5. Normal biomechanics of the bone
  6. Different types of fractures
  7. Open and closed fractures
  8. Fractures caused by Insignificant trauma
  9. Fractures in Children
  10. Causes of fractures in different regions
  11. Factors affecting fracture healing
  12. Different treatments of fracture
  13. Cast application - Principles and Uses
  14. Know About Plaster Care
  15. Does Your Fracture Need Surgery?
  16. Arterial and Nerve Injuries with Fracture
  17. Rehabilitation of Fractures
  18. Complications of Fractures
  19. A Brief About Dislocations
  20. Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing empowers like knowledge and this book intends to empower the people in case of injury.

What Are You Looking For?

Injury is a dreaded word and often makes us panic. It is painful to undergo injury.

But you must also understand that from being injured to healing back is a process which has a scientific basis.

Your doctors would certainly take care of your treatment part.

But you want to know Whys and Hows of things.

This book answers that whys and hows.

For example, if you have fracture of tibia, it is good to know what is the kind of fracture you have, what are the treatment options, how your bone would unite and what could be complications, in case!

Injury is unfortunate!

Read this book to empower yourself if you or your dear one are having an injury.


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