Life is movement, keep it pain-free.

Bone And Spine store is the brainchild of an orthopedic surgeon from India. He envisaged a place where not only people could procure stuff for there ailments, people could also put their hand on reliable things needed to aid in daily living and wellness including fitness.

Bone And Spine Store aims to contribute to your musculoskeletal wellness. We specialize in products that cater to your different musculoskeletal issues like bone pain, injury, joint pain, back pain, nerve disorders, hand and foot care products. And of course, the conditions that may affect your musculoskeletal health

One of the special features is Musculoskeletal Fitness and Musculoskeletal wellness. A healthy body reduces risk of many orthopedic ailments.

Therefore, we have products to help build your bone, joint and muscle health.

We also have products for the care of the elderly and care of patients on the bed.

 We choose our products carefully and build our collections from suppliers all over the world so that your interests are best served.

We are continuously striving to improve. Your feedback and suggestions go long way in realizing this.

Stay healthy and painfree.